Archive to the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library

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This past weekend, I handed my archive of manuscripts, correspondence, publications, promotional materials, and miscellanea into the careful hands of the preservationists at the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library at Texas Tech University. We tried to give them Nunchucks, too, but they don’t take cats.

If you’re interested in manuscript publication life cycles and a whole bunch of rejection letters, feel free to drive on out to Lubbock and have a look.


Reading and Q&A: 2/11/15

Chimpanzee, Noise

For those who couldn’t join us at the University of North Texas for my latest reading from Chimpanzee and Noise, here’s a recording—including the Q&A that followed.

NPR Books on Chimpanzee


Jason Heller thoughtfully and keenly reviews Chimpanzee for NPR Books:

As with the best dystopian fiction, Chimpanzee taps into many contemporary issues and fears — in this case, everything from the surveillance state to the student-debt crisis. Chimpanzee is a post-collapse novel for those who have become numb to them, and a unique take on a subgenre in sore need of one. The book’s dazzling originality not only helps overcome much of its dryness, it makes it well worth the extra homework.

1670 AM, The Return!

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Happy to announce that I’ll be making my second ever appearance at 1670 AM, Denton’s own Part 15 radio station, helmed by Real Waves out of downtown Little D. Scott Porter and I are going to talk about books and conspiracies and music whatever we want at 2:00 pm, this Sunday, Sept 7. I’ll have a couple of things to give away, so tune in or log on.

1670 AM