Interview with Sam Snoek-Brown


A new interview with Sam Snoek-Brown is up over at his website. This was one of the most thorough interviews yet that I’ve had the pleasure of participating in—a lot of fun. Head on over and read about the hyper-present, art-forward consciousness, and writing in academia.

2 thoughts on “Interview with Sam Snoek-Brown

  1. Good interview. It’s interesting to read about the history of a particular piece of writing and see how it developed over a period of time.

    Also, it’s interesting to know that you find writing difficult. I know exactly what you mean– I LOVE writing but I find the actual process almost painful. It is rarely fun. Someone once said, “You don’t want to write, you want to have written.” I find that to be true. It’s nice to read it over once it’s done… but facing that blank screen gives me the fear.

    But hey, it should be tough right? Anyway, I’m rambling. Congrats on Day 1.

  2. I agree, Rob. The best fiction comes from one who worked for it–not one who hopped, skipped, and jumped his or her way through a merry word romp.

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