Noise–signed copy giveaway


Since we’re getting close to the release date for Noise (8/31/10), Editor David and I decided a few free books are in order. There are two ways to win:

1) “Like” “Noise, by Darin Bradley” on facebook. Then, just leave your name and a pithy comment as a reply to the “Giveaway” post and let your friends know about the contest via your own facebook wall. You’ve got to be 18 to win, and you’ve got to “like” “Noise, by Darin Bradley.” Because David and I are lonely.

2) Follow me on Twitter. Then, just RT this: “Win a signed copy of #NOISE, by @darinbradley. Just RT and follow (use hash!) to enter.”

The contest is open until 10pm ET on 8-25-10. Winners will be chosen at random. There are only [some dumbass number of shopping days] left until Christmas! Noise is sure to be the feel-good, heartwarming novel of the year, so why not grab one for [whoever’s] stocking?

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