Photo Artifacts

Noise, photo blog

So, from the fall of ’09 to roughly spring of ’10, I put together a number of multimedia easter eggs over at Salvage Country to help give folks an idea of what to expect from Noise. The idea was to get away from your traditional write-ups and summaries and other uninteresting web mash. You know, whatever.

While cleaning photos off of my digital camera’s media chip this morning, I came across this gem. It conjures memories of even earlier times in college, when I collaborated with some other creative types to make a couple of short films and a documentary, on dental floss budgets. Everything then (as now) was based on creativity and innovation and how to get around a general lack of equipment.

So, when recording my reading of Chapter 1 (from Noise), I needed a method to keep the percussive “p” sounds away from my cheap-ass PC microphone. Lacking a proper windscreen or spit guard, I came up with the following: a can of olives, opened at both ends, with a dress sock rolled over one opening. The result? Scroll on through my sidebar over there and listen for yourself.

Fig. 1: Olive can + dress sock = homemade spit screen.