Release party restrospective

Noise, recommendations

Last night, a few of us here in Denton celebrated the release of Noise. We laughed, we cried—I gave away some books. Here are a few pictures for the curious.

But, free music!

Several acts accompanied me last night because, let’s face it, sitting around listening to some bookworm read for hours on end is about as fun as a tapeworm infestation. Dim Locator started us off with a bang. He plays slide folk/rock on electric guitar:


Dim Locator | MySpace Music Videos

After I read, Ryan Thomas Becker really elevated the quality of the evening. It was just Mr. Becker and his guitar. Go here, be amazed:

<a href="">Neighborhoof by Ryan Thomas Becker</a>

And nobody headlines a night of liquor and literature like The Jakeys, my favorite neo-folk celtic punk band.

Sorry I missed some of you at old Dan’s. Next time, my friends . . .