The 1670 AM Interview, Released

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In February of this year, I had the privilege of being interviewed at 1670 AM, an independent, underground AM radio station here in Denton. The experience was fascinating and entertaining, if not a bit drunken—as all such interviews should be I think. I am finally able to share the full thing with you, wherein I discuss Noise, the apocalypse, and writerly identity. The entire thing is about an hour and ten minutes long, and there are a few f-bombs, so you may not want to play it at full volume at work, but therein lies anything you might ever have wanted to know about the novel, Denton/Slade, and how I write.

1670 AM Interview


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2 thoughts on “The 1670 AM Interview, Released

  1. I want to listen to this so badly. My internet service is extremely rural and unpredictable.

    I’ll bookmark this and I appreciate the link on twitter.

    Thanks so much.

    d/b/a H. B. Rains

  2. Kathy–

    Thanks for your interest! If you have trouble streaming it, send me an email (address is on the top right corner of this page, under my picture), and I’ll see if I can’t help you get it another way.


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