Light Both Foreign and Domestic

Published: October 10th, 2017
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ISBN 978-1-63023-088-3
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Over the last decade, Darin Bradley has been dissecting the future—from the prophetic Book that heralded the arrival of Salvage Country in Noise, to the impending repossession of our education in Chimpanzee, to the harrowing world of voyeuristic terrorism in Noise. Now, with Light Both Foreign and Domestic, he presents a collection of stories that reveal the persistent light of the human spirit, no matter the harrowing darkness that presses down on us.

— "Light Both Foreign and Domestic"
— "Hotels and Other Forms of Collapse"
— "Two"
— "The Basement, Borges"
— "Slipstring"
— "'Seng, Running"
— "Fairyland"
— "They Would Only be Roads"
— "The Dust and the Red"
— "∞°"
— "The Heresy Box"
— "Sweet Water"
— "Syntagm"
— "Stormchasing"
— "How Nothing Happens"
— "Sleepwalker"

Several stories are exclusive to this collection.


Darin holds a B.A., an M.A., and a Ph.D. in English Literature and Theory. He has taught courses on writing and literature at several universities and has served in a variety of editorial capacities at a number of independent presses and journals. He lives in Texas with his wife, where he dreams of empty places.

[ Author photo by Erin Rambo ]